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When building or designing a workshop, the  lifting platform is the most important element as the entire concept of the work space revolves around it. In many ways, it will serve as the backbone of the entire workshop. Let me tell you why I believe this is true in more ways than one.

First, let's talk about how the space in the workshop is organized. If you have enough space, you can install a  2-post lift , the most commonly used lift. These have posts that take up space, are tall, and must be bypassed by mechanics. But they are also very comfortable for working under the car. There is space for lights, tools and even used help. If you are working on heavier vehicles, you will need enough space to install a  4 post lift . It will take up more space, but it will be necessary to lift trucks or other large cars.

Then there are those who prefer to have a more open environment in their workshop. You will prefer to install a  scissor lift , which has the advantage of not having to walk around posts every day. However, working under a scissor lift is more difficult and is avoided by some mechanics.

There is also the option of installing an  underfloor lift . This provides perhaps the cleanest work environment as there are no posts and no space in the actual room. However, this means that you are ready to invest more as they are a little more expensive and you will also need construction to adapt your soil to the equipment.

There is also the option that you need all of the available space under the vehicle or you have specialized in work outside of the wheel axles. In this case, a  wheel gripper system could meet your need.

As you can see, there is a strong correlation between the type of lift you install and the way you organize your space, how you have your tools with you, or how you use lights to look under the car. In fact, it's important that the mechanics are comfortable at work, so it's even related to the human factor. Remember to be responsible when choosing your lift.


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