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Stocks are the best investment

Von Swiss Resource Capital AG

Prices and interest rates are rising. With inflation high, private individuals, as well as asset managers, can bet on equities.



Inflation has almost manifested itself worldwide. From experience, we know that stock values have held up relatively well in inflationary phases. The gasoline discount and the nine-euro ticket will soon end in this country. Today's rising producer prices, caused by high energy prices and supply chain problems, will still have their effect. Prices for goods will rise and possibly fuel inflation further. Investors cannot take advantage of the situation profitably with monetary assets; on the contrary. What helps now are tangible assets such as stocks or even gold. In the case of stocks, those with favorable valuations and promising projects and experienced management are particularly recommended (value stocks). Gold also falls into this category due to its long-proven properties such as value and purchasing power retention. 


Gold is, after all, a stable entity. If the markets for speculative assets are strong and confidence in political conditions is high, then the price of gold seems more likely to go down. But if the markets and confidence are not so great, then more investors are drawn to gold. With the current crises, the Russia invasion, the loss of purchasing power and inflation eating away at our wealth, gold should shine. As a stabilizing element, values of gold companies should also not be missing from the investment portfolio.


Gold, silver and base metals are the business of Tier One Silver - https://youtu.be/9xL1ovr2544 -. Environmental approval has just been granted for the Curibaya project in Peru. Other exploration projects exist at Tier One Silver.


Tarachi Gold - https://youtu.be/IRnRAFCd8WI - is looking after gold in Mexico. The company's prospective Tarachi project is located in the Sierra Madre Gold Belt. Another project in Mexico will begin production in early 2023.


Latest corporate information and press releases from Tier One Silver (- https://www.resource-capital.ch/de/unternehmen/tier-one-silver-inc/ -).




In accordance with §34 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG), I would like to point out that partners, authors and employees may hold shares in the respective companies addressed and that there is therefore a possible conflict of interest. No guarantee for the translation into German. Only the English version of this news is valid.

Disclaimer: The information provided does not constitute any form of recommendation or advice. Express reference is made to the risks involved in securities trading. No liability can be accepted for any damages arising from the use of this blog. I would like to point out that shares and especially warrant investments are fundamentally associated with risk. The total loss of the invested capital cannot be excluded. All information and sources are carefully researched. However, no guarantee is given for the correctness of all contents. Despite the greatest care, I expressly reserve the right to make a mistake, especially with regard to figures and prices. The information contained is taken from sources that are considered reliable, but in no way claim to be correct or complete. Due to judicial decisions the contents of linked external pages are to be answered for (so among other things regional court Hamburg, in the judgement of 12.05.1998 - 312 O 85/98), as long as no explicit dissociation from these takes place. Despite careful control of the contents, I do not assume any liability for the contents of linked external pages. The respective operators are exclusively responsible for their content. The disclaimer of Swiss Resource Capital AG applies additionally: 

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