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Energy and nutrition - two basic needs

Von Swiss Resource Capital AG

Humans have needs, such as water, food, oxygen and they want to be sufficiently supplied with energy.



In times of climate change, when economies are striving for decarbonization, the supply of renewable energy is not yet sufficient. An energy mix is needed, and that includes nuclear power. The call for energy security has been fueled by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and so uranium demand is rising. Investments and developments in nuclear power are increasing. Whether the nuclear power plant shutdown in Germany makes sense now is debatable. At PDAC 2023 in Toronto, you could hear how good the fundamentals are for uranium, probably better than ever. Because there has never been growth in the clean energy sector like there is now. As a result, many experts are predicting a supply shortage in the next few years. The best uranium areas in North America include Texas, Wyoming and Saskatchewan.


Best positioned with projects in Canada and the United States is Uranium Energy - https://www.commodity-tv.com/ondemand/companies/profil/uranium-energy-corp/ -. Some of the promising uranium projects are already ready for startup.


However, rising living standards and population growth demand more than just more and safer energy. The world's population is still not supplied with food in sufficient quantity and quality. It is therefore all the more important that plants receive important nutrients. Potash helps here. This raw material is essential for healthy plant growth. The largest potash-producing countries are Canada, China, Russia and Belarus. Potash is also available in Germany, Israel, Jordan, Chile and Africa.


There in Gabon, Millennial Potash - https://www.commodity-tv.com/ondemand/companies/profil/millennial-potash-corp/ - owns the Banio potash project. The project is said to have excellent potential. Previous drillings are being analyzed and preparations for new drillings are in full swing.


Current corporate information and press releases from Millennial Potash (- https://www.resource-capital.ch/en/companies/millennial-potash-corp/ -) and Uranium Energy (- https://www.resource-capital.ch/en/companies/uranium-energy-corp/ -).



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