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STEM in Action: Empowering Educators, Inspiring Students

Von Universität Paderborn

STEM in Action: Empowering Educators, Inspiring Students


Project Number: 2020-1-TR01-KA203-094309


In a remarkable achievement, the STEM in Action project has successfully completed its mission to provide Open Educational Resources (OER) for teachers across Europe. The project, funded by Erasmus+, brought together seven experienced organizations from Turkey, Belgium, Romania, Ireland, Germany, Croatia, and Greece with a common goal: to promote STEM education.





STEM, covering the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, plays a crucial role in fostering skills such as coding, programming, and technical understanding among students. STEM education encourages a safe learning environment where students can learn from mistakes, viewing errors as an integral part of the learning process.


The STEM in Action project aimed to promote open access to project results to support learning, teaching, schools, and youth work. The objectives included the exchange of best practices, providing tools and methods for collaborative learning in STEM, increasing educators' interest in STEM competencies, and strengthening partnerships between schools and universities.


The 24-month project comprised two Learning, Teaching, and Training activities (LTTs). The first LTT, hosted in Ireland, focused on video creation and the preparation of STEM videos. The second LTT, held in Germany, emphasized the creation of curricula for STEM. The intellectual outputs of the project included three modules of online STEM courses and curricula designed for preschool teachers, primary school teachers, and specific branches.


Key outcomes of the STEM in Action project include:


1.     Training for Academicians and Technical Staff: Over 30 academicians and 5 technical staff from participating organizations received training in video creation and the production of STEM videos. Additionally, they were trained in creating STEM curricula.


2.     Free Access to Online STEM Courses and Teaching Materials: Teachers now have access to virtual courses and a broad range of teaching materials in STEM, tailored for preschool, primary school, and specialized teachers.


3.     Multiplier Events: The project organized events such as Science Day and Pi Day, along with in-person STEM courses for local teachers, to raise awareness of STEM.


The impact of the project extends to local teachers implementing STEM with their students and participating in eTwinning and Erasmus projects related to STEM. The STEM in Action website, hosting 30 videos and OER modules, serves as a lifelong resource for educators.


STEM in Action has not only equipped educators with valuable tools but has also ignited a passion for STEM education, paving the way for a brighter and more innovative future for students across Europe. As the project concludes, its legacy lives on through the empowered teachers and inspired students it leaves in its wake.


All project outcomes and instructional videos can be found on our websites:


STEM IN ACTION | Open Educational Resources for Teachers (eduproject.eu) https://stemaction.eu/


Stay healthy,


Your STEM in Action Project Team Germany



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