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Deploying Definiens Technology, Renowned Helmholtz Zentrum München Improves Quality and Throughput in Image Analysis

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The internationally acknowledged research center is deploying Definiens image analysis software to evaluate microscopic and macroscopic images, while benefiting from substantial savings in time and resources

Munich, Germany - April 1st, 2008 - Researchers and scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum München* are now relying on Definiens technology to optimize image analysis processes. Time consuming routine tasks - which may lead to errors once the observers’ concentration lapsed – are automated at a consistently high level of quality. “It used to take us three months to manually evaluate some of our studies. By benefiting from substantial savings in time and resources, we are now able to accomplish that same amount of work in a few days,” stated Dr. Axel Walch, from the Institute of Pathology at Helmholtz Zentrum“. As an added benefit, the more precise data analysis results in more decisive conclusions and considerably improved research quality. What’s more, we can now much better make use of the time we save because we have additional resources to carry out further sophisticated tasks,” the pathologist added.

An image analysis platform for a wide spectrum of applications in life sciences
Helmholtz Zentrum München also chose Definiens software for its supreme flexibility and platform independence, since it operates independently of any particular manufacturer and runs on any image capturing device. Thus, there is no need to purchase individual device and software solutions. The Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite can process any standard file format and multiple special image formats, quite common in modern research environments.

Another key reason for selecting the Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite is the high quality of the integrated analysis capabilities - doing much more than just recognizing pixels. In fact, Definiens provides a theoretically unlimited number of analysis options - all the way up to complex 4-D evaluation.

Making image analysis accessible to every scientist
Furthermore, deployment of Definiens software throughout the entire Helmholtz Zentrum München provides a central database of image analysis expertise - which every authorized scientist can access. As such, image analysis knowledge does not get lost – it is cumulated and made available to every department. Hence, any issues regarding image analysis can be addressed faster. This reduces the turnaround time of research projects, an increasingly important factor: “If you want to be at the top of your game in today’s world of research, scientific work needs to be completed as quickly as possible,” pointed out Prof. Dr. Rupert Lasser, Director of the Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry at the Helmholtz Zentrum München and Chair of Mathematics at the Technical University of Munich. “Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite opens up a broad spectrum of image analysis implementations in environmental health research”

*formerly: GSF National Research Center for Environment and Health

About Helmholtz Zentrum München
The Helmholtz Zentrum München is the German Research Center for Environmental Health. The center is presently divided up into 25 independent institutes and departments and has about 1,700 employees. The headquarters of the Helmholtz Zentrum München is to the north of Munich on a 50 hectare research campus. Several institutes are located in the immediate vicinity of the clinic at the life science location Munich-Großhadern. Apart from that, the center runs Clinical Cooperation Groups together with the universities of Munich.

The Helmholtz Association
With 15 research centers, 26,500 employees and an annual budget of more than Euro 2.2 billion the Helmholtz Association is the largest scientific organisation in Germany.

Definiens in Life Sciences
By automating image analysis on an enterprise level, Definiens supports Life Science organizations to analyze and interpret vast numbers of images accurately and consistently. Definiens improves the measurement of cell assays, the examination of tissue samples and the interpretation of non-invasive imaging, enabling high-content screening, digital pathology and translational medicine.

About Definiens
Definiens is the number one Enterprise Image Intelligence company for analyzing and interpreting images on every scale, from microscopic cell structures to satellite images. The Definiens Cognition Network Technology®, developed by Nobel laureate Prof. Gerd Binnig and his team, is an advanced and robust context-based technology designed to fulfill the image analysis requirements of the Life and Earth sciences markets. The technology is modeled on the powerful human cognitive perception processes to extract intelligence from images. Definiens provides organizations with faster image analysis results, allowing deeper insights enabling better business decisions. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany and has offices throughout the United States. Further information is available at www.definiens.com.

Definiens, Definiens Cellenger, Definiens Cognition Network Technology, Definiens eCognition, Enterprise Image Intelligence and Understanding Images are trademarks or registered trademarks of Definiens.

Press contacts:

Helmholtz Zentrum München
Michael van den Heuvel

Rene Hermes, Vice President Marketing

Lucy Turpin Communications GmbH
Eva Hildebrandt
+49 (0)89 417761-14

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