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Toddler Touch - Touchscreen Edutainment and fun games for children

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The Orgacontrol Amusement Ltd will release a new version of its multilingual, interactive touch-screen entertainment medium for children.

The Orgacontrol Amusement Ltd will release a new version of its multilingual, interactive touch-screen entertainment medium for children, designed for the very wide range of areas of use in interactive entertainment.

The new Animal Range in the amusing animal design offers even more individualized possibilities. In addition to the 4 standard versions other versions can be inexpensively designed to your own requirements.

The terminal is based on the proven and successful Mini Magic product. Throughout the development stage particular attention was paid to retaining the characteristics of this rear sloping terminal: space-saving and universal. This enables the Animal Range machines too to be almost fully integrated into a corner and to be connected to each other in combinations of between two and four units.

The robust wooden casing is fully painted and the base plate has a sturdy aluminum edge. All paints used conform to EN71 Part 3 and adhere to the guidelines for children’s toys and are saliva, perspiration and food safe. The front plate is coated with a specially high pressure laminate (HPL). An individual front plate layout, e.g. with your logo or any individual character, is available from the first machine.

As an optional extra this range is again also available with a coin checker.

Magic Touch is the interactive touch-screen game collection for children of all ages, violence free and therapeutically appraised. The multilingual, multimedia system currently features over 24 games from the areas of creativity, reaction and logical thinking and is presently available in 22 languages.

In addition to providing amusement experience the games also support and promote the powers of concentration, awareness and retentivity as well as visual perception.

Great for waiting rooms, kids corners, the retail sector, hospitals, airports, day cares, shopping facilities, restaurants, family funcenters, children's museums, and car dealerships.

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