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SEH Gigabit Print Server for HP Output Devices

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German Network Solution Vendor Launches PS1106 to Extend Print Server Portfolio for HP

Bielefeld, September 24, 2008. – SEH today announces the launch of a new gigabit print server for all HP output devices with EIO port. Due to fast data transfer in gigabit networks, large print jobs get much faster to an HP printer attached with PS1106. The print server is compatible with all Ethernet standards (10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT). This provides for protection of investment in case of a planned network upgrade to gigabit. PS1106 is IPv6-enabled and equipped with ThinPrint technology for bandwidth optimization and control as well as with a comprehensive security package. The new model will be available in October for 215 Euro (excluding VAT).

Large data files such as voluminous print jobs with much graphic design and color printing require much bandwidth. Such files are transported much faster in a gigabit network. Widely used office documents such as Powerpoint files from 25 MB upwards are quite common. Gigabit technology provides sufficient bandwidth. Both network and application performance are significantly enhanced and disruptions caused by bandwidth shortage are avoided.

Protection of Investment for Planned Gigabit Upgrade

Network printers attached directly to the gigabit network with gigabit print servers benefit from the fast data transfer in such networks. As all Ethernet standards are compatible with each other, PS1106 provides protection of investment in Ethernet and Fast Ethernet networks which are going to be upgraded to gigabit.

Handy Extras and Allround Service

PS1106 is IPv6-enabled. It comes with the latest ThinPrint .print Client including ThinPrint SSL support for environments with server-based computing, desktop virtualization, or classic network printing infrastructures requiring very much bandwidth. The security package includes several authentication methods according to IEEE 802.1X, TLS/SSL encryption, and access control. In addition, there are regular software and firmware updates, world-wide support, and up to five years warranty.

About SEH:
Since the early nineties, SEH has been one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of network printing solutions. The company’s product portfolio includes internal and external print servers for all common network and cabling types: Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, fiber optics, and Wireless LAN. Moreover, it comprises enhanced network printing solutions for efficient spooling management and transparent print cost controlling. SEH also has a strong focus on bandwidth-optimized solutions for ThinPrint® environments (e.g. server-based computing, virtual desktop infrastructures) as well as on security for network printing. In 2008 SEH introduced the USB device server product line myUTN, broadening the company's solution portfolio to include intelligent solutions for network access of USB devices.
All products are developed and produced at the company’s headquarters at Bielefeld, Germany. Worldwide distribution is via SEH’s US and UK subsidiaries and an extensive network of partners, distributors, and resellers. The installed base of SEH products exceeds 700,000 units worldwide.
In development and sales, SEH closely co-operates with many leading printer manufacturers, including CITIZEN, ENCAD, EPSON, HP, KONICA MINOLTA, KYOCERA, MUTOH, OCÉ, OKI, PSi, ROLAND, SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA TEC, and UTAX.

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