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Entertainment Services to Contribute Significantly to Penetration of MMS

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Entertainment services such as music and games will be the most significant driver of Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) -- the technology which allows 'picture messaging' -- according to the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF).

MMS is one of the first media rich technologies to be incorporated into the latest generation of mobile phones. The technology allows phone owners to exchange pictures, animations and sounds as easily as they currently exchange text messages. In conjunction with full colour screens, multi-channel polyphonic sounds and video players, the new generation of handsets offers the ability to deliver compelling media content anytime, anywhere.

The creation of a viable and sustainable market for MMS will require close collaboration between mobile operators, handset manufacturers, content owners and application developers. Commercial and pricing models, legal and regulatory restrictions, digital rights management (DRM) and piracy concerns will all need to be addressed.

The MEF believes that services providing entertainment such as games and music will be one of the keys to making MMS a mass market service across Europe and the world.

MEF is collaborating closely with leading mobile entertainment providers to identify and overcome these issues, to assess the impact and opportunity of MMS and to deliver tangible benefits to companies who wish to incorporate MMS functionality into new mobile entertainment services.

Anthony Sheehan, Director of Applications and Services at Packetvideo, says “MMS can be a significant revenue generator for mobile entertainment services. However the commercial models and production process for mobile multimedia can be more complex than for simple text-based wireless data services. MEF provides a valuable forum for all participants in this emerging value chain to collectively address challenges that must be overcome before the huge potential of mobile multimedia messaging and entertainment can be realised.”

Rann Smorodinsky, the Chairman of the MEF and Co-Founder of entertainment platform vendor Cash-U, agrees, “Entertainment has proven to be one of the most popular uses for other mobile technologies, including SMS, WAP, IVR and Java. The enhanced media content of MMS makes it an ideal platform for the creation and delivery of new forms of mobile entertainment.”

About MEF
The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) is a global and open cross-industry trade association representing all elements of the value chain for the delivery of Mobile Entertainment to the consumer. Established in February 2001 by the leading forces in the fields of entertainment and mobile value-added services, our mission is to provide a vehicle for all players in the value-chain of mobile entertainment to drive the industry's commercial potential including expediting its revenue streams and working to resolve its various commercial, legal, and technical issues.

Current MEF members include 3G Media Consult, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Cash-U Mobile Technologies, Comverse, Digital Bridges, , Emblaze, i100, mBlox, Mforma, Microsoft, Moviso (Vivendi Universal Net USA), MTGP, OpenMobile, PacketVideo, Purple Software, Steptoe & Johnson, Synergenix Interactive, Terraplay Systems, Universal Communication Platform (UCP), XadrA and Wireless Multimedia Solutions.

Rimma Perelmuter
Mobile Entertainment Forum
General Secretary
T: +44-208-432-1266

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