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Tradition meets technology: NextiraOne implements new Infotainment solution for Hotel Reslwirt in Austria

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Mobile communications for staff and state-of-the-art communications infrastructure for hotel group in Flachau

Vienna – 9 February 2010. NextiraOne, Europe‘s leading expert in communications services, has implemented a new communications infrastructure for the Resl Hotel Resort in Flachau in Austria, combining the need for tradition, comfort and relaxation with the most modern, professional and secure technologies for all age groups and interests.

Following a comprehensive building and extension programme, the Reslwirt Hotel Group commissioned its long-standing communications partner NextiraOne to integrate and harmonise the telephone systems for the newly added Landhaus Emmi, Hotel Garni Ennshof and Chalet Schneiderhäusl to create a single integrated communications solution.

NextiraOne extended the existing Alcatel-Lucent Telephony and DECT system in the main hotel building to cover all the new buildings. Around 120 new extensions and 10 new DECTs now provide state-of-the-art IP telephony via a single voice infrastructure. The network also incorporates the hotel‘s guest invoicing system and a link between the main server and the front office handles checking in and checking out functions in the main and satellite buildings.

In addition, all four guesthouses have been networked with wireless local area network (WLAN) technology to provide mobile data communications. Around 26 WLAN and a further 21 DECT stations provide high performance communications for mobile voice and data services across the whole of the Resl Resort’s site. Guests are provided with broadband internet access in every room via the wireless LAN. Security is assured through an authentication process where each guest is given a voucher with a unique username and password. Public internet terminals are also available throughout the buildings.

Furthermore guest can receive information digitally through the television in their rooms using a multimedia “Infotainment” system by Goingsoft. The system provides information about current offers in the hotels, plus TV and programme guides. Local weather reports, news and comprehensive tourist information about the Flachau area are all available at the touch of a button – everything from ski courses in the region‘s ski schools to local taxi rates.

The new telephony and network solution was specifically designed to support the mobility of the Resl Resort’s 50 employees – mobile data services via the WLAN and DECT telephones ensure better availability of staff and an optimal customer service throughout the hotels.

“We want our guests to feel at home while they are on holiday and that means offering extensive comfort of the very highest standards. As our long-standing partner, NextiraOne has helped us to develop a comprehensive communications system that allows us to offer our visitors the very best information services” says Daniel Warter, Managing Director of Resl’s Resort.

Margarete Schramböck, Vice President Germany & Austria NextiraOne, highlights the new challenges in the tourist industry: “We have been looking after the Hotel Reslwirt’s telephony for a long time and over the years have observed the growth and development of Infotainment in the hospitality sector. Guests should not have to give up the comfort and convenience of home when they are on holiday. Our aim therefore was to create a communications system for guests and staff that would provide for all their needs.”

NextiraOne will also be responsible for providing ongoing comprehensive support and maintenance for the Resl Resort’s voice and data communications network.

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