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European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law | 16.10.2017

Performance Audit in the Public Sector, Seminar, 8th - 9th April 2013, Berlin

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08.04.2013 - 09.04.2013
DE-10117 Berlin

Planning, Preparing and Carrying out Value for Money Audits

Sound financial management audit is the key to assure public accountability. Performance audits play an important role in modernising public administration and promoting value for money. This seminar organised by the European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law will enable attendees to contribute to optimising workflows in their institutions with a high quality performance audit.

Receive first-hand knowledge in the following crucial topics:
• The European Court of Auditors approach
• How to define scope and design of a performance audit
• How to implement performance audits in practice

Participants will profit from the first-hand knowledge of leading experts from:
• European Court of Auditors
• Court of Audit, the Netherlands
• Agency for Internal Audit, Flemish Government, Belgium
• Mersey Internal Audit Agency, National Health Service, United Kingdom

Further information and the application form you can find in the event brochure:

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