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European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law | 16.10.2017

Financing Research and Development Projects, Seminar, 8th - 9th April, Berlin

Wissenschaft, Forschung, Bildung
08.04.2013 - 09.04.2013
DE-10789 Berlin

The separation of economic and non-economic activities for universities and research organisations in the EU that receive public funding is obligatory.
The European Commission applies specific criteria to evaluate the State aid character of public funding for universities and research organisations. The criteria are defined in the community framework for State aid for research, development and innovation (R&D&I). The financial accounting and reporting of projects funded by FP7, ERDF (including INTERREG), ESF, and CIP are considered very time consuming and complex. Many universities and research institutions use therefore full costing as it is a perfect tool for separating economic and non-economic activities.

Receive first-hand knowledge in the following crucial topics:

• Why and how to separate economic and non-economic activities
• How to avoid a spill-over from public funding into economic activities
• How to find out if there is a State aid element in technology transfer
• How to identify unlawful State aid in R&D&I projects
• What is the impact of State aid regulations on R&D&I projects between industry and research organisations
• How to implement full costing successfully and what are possible Challenges
• How to calculate direct and indirect costs of an R&D&I project
• How to implement full costing in R&D contracts
• How to prepare for a financial audit in R&D&I projects

From leading European Experts from

• European Commission, DG Competition
• Ministry for Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Technology, Federal State Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
• University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
• University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
• Technical University Dresden, Germany

Further information and the application form you can find in the event brochure:

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