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European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law | 16.10.2017

Technical Assistance for European Structural Funds, 22nd - 23rd April 2013

Wissenschaft, Forschung, Bildung
22.04.2013 - 23.04.2013
DE-10117 Berlin

This workshop provides specific knowledge and practical expertise in Technical Assistance (TA) for European structural funds. The seminar will also discuss planning for closure of operational programs and examine changes in the use of TA for the new Programming Period 2014 - 2020. Participants will deepen and extend their essential program management skills. There are still many practical problems and uncertainties that TA experts face in their day-to-day work. Some of them are:

• Which costs are eligible and which are not
• What practical issues have to be taken into account when preparing a contact agreement with the beneficiary
• How can indicators be used to measure performance and how to collect, measure, analyse and monitor them in the best way
• What is important when implementing and monitoring TA in practice
• How to prepare yourself for TA audits
• What are the possibilities to improve the use of TA in one´s institution
• How can the absorption rate of available funds for TA be increased
• What has to be taken into consideration when closing the OP
• In which way can one benefit from an evaluation strategy
• What changes can be expected in regard to TA in the next programming period 2014-2020 and how to prepare for these changes

The advanced workshop provides profound knowledge and gives answers to the essential questions above.

With speakers from the following institutions:
• European Commission, DG Research & Innovation
• University of Exeter, United Kingdom
• Leiden University, the Netherlands
• Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom

Further information about the speakers and the programme, as well as a booking form you will find in the event brochure:

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