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European Contract Practice for R&D Projects

Von European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law

Wissenschaft, Forschung, Bildung
25.04.2013 - 26.04.2013
DE-10117 Berlin
Secure your R&D project by safe and sound contracts
R&D projects with or without European or national funding need a safe and sound legal contract design. In most cases the legal framework decides about the success of a project and lays the groundwork for a smooth pursuit of research activities. Another vital factor for the outcome is the exchange of knowledge. Because of their complexity, in the majority of R&D projects, in particular in their research phase, external know-how is essential. Therefore, cooperations within R&D activities require clear strategies. Proper contract design is crucial in order to avoid financial risk or loss of intellectual property, to protect research results and to preserve economic value.

This European Seminar is aimed at Finance & Business Development Managers, Management and Members of R&D Departments and IP departments, Technology Transfer Managers, (International) Programme and Project Managers, Research Services, Legal Counsel and Legal Services, Patents and Licensing Managers involved and working in scientific research, with R&D projects and dealing with cooperations and intellectual property.

The benefit from the seminar will be to learn how to:

• Secure research by means of a safe and sound contract
• Negotiate contracts and to which issues should be paid particular attention
• Avoid and solve disputes
• Make the most out of licensing contracts and technology transfer

Among the speakers will be international experts from the Knowledge Transfer, Industrial Research Monitoring & Public Procurement, DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission, Research and Innovation Services (LURIS) at the Leiden University of Netherlands, Bavarian Research Alliance, as well as from the private sector and law services.

Additional information regarding the speakers, the programme and the registration formalities are available in the event brochure: http://www.euroakad.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/dateien/seminars/How_to_Design_R_and_D_Contracts_in_Practice_PR.pdf
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