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Conducting IT Audits in Public Institutions


IT, New Media & Software
27.04.2013 - 28.04.2013
DE-10785 Berlin
IT infrastructures and their applications have become increasingly important in public institutions. IT Audits play a crucial role in ensuring that IT systems are secure and effective. Accordingly, audit activities must assess whether an organisation’s governance of IT supports its strategies and objectives. This task becomes particularly challenging when an outsourced IT environment needs to be audited.

At the same time many non-IT auditors are not always aware of the IT related risks and ignore IT elements in their audits. Nowadays it is essential for audit professionals to be sensitive to key IT risks. Professional auditors should be able to integrate IT topics in their audit strategies.

This European seminar is designed to provide comprehensive training for all internal & external auditors, controllers, evaluation officers, audit methodologists & statisticians, financial managers and quality assurance managers from the public sector as well as for private audit companies working with the public sector who have to integrate IT topics in their audits. The acquired knowledge will enable attendees to improve significantly the quality of their audits.
What will you learn at this seminar among others:

• How to identify IT topics for the auditing process
• What kinds of IT risks exist and how to deal with them
• What are the latest IT trends in public administration and how auditors can react to them
• How to audit security and business continuance management
• How to use IT as an instrument for (IT) audits
• What is the connection between IT and fraud
• How to audit an outsourced IT environment

Further details about the programme, the speakers and the registration formalities for this audit seminar you can find in the event booklet: http://www.euroakad.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/dateien/seminars/Conducting_IT_Audits_in_Public_Institutions_PR.pdf
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