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European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law | 16.10.2017

Project Management for EU Funded Projects

Finanzdienstleister & Versicherungsvermittler
16.05.2013 - 17.05.2013
DE-10789 Berlin

European workshop – How to Develop, Plan and Manage an EU Funded Project Successfully

16th – 17th May 2013, Berlin, Germany

The current architecture of European Funds and direct grants offers a wide range of funding opportunities to support innovative projects. However, funding is often not used effectively or it may be denied due to poor planning. For EU funded projects the European Commission requires the use of Project Cycle Management (PCM).

In addition, a core tool within PCM is the Logical Framework Approach (LFA). The LFA supports the different stages of PCM and should provide an information base for completing the required PCM documents. LFA is a very effective analytical and managerial tool.
Project Managers of EU funded projects have to be familiar with all different phases of PCM to successfully implement and manage their projects and to fulfill the requirements of the European Commission. Furthermore, they should know how to use the LFA.

At this European workshop participants will strengthen their practical skills and optimise their project management tools. With this, the efficient implementation of their projects is guaranteed and the threat of funding recovery is minimized.

All details regarding the programme and the speakers as well as the registration formalities are available here:

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