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European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law | 17.10.2017

Evaluation Techniques for EU Funds in the Present and Next Programming Period 2014-2020

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06.06.2013 - 07.06.2013
DE-10115 Berlin

Ex-ante, ongoing and ex-post evaluation – What can we expect beyond 2013

The real impact of EU Funds will be increasingly addressed in the new programming period 2014-2020. After 2013 the evaluation and monitoring rules of the new programming period 2014- 2020 have to be fulfilled. The Commission recommends a much greater use of strict evaluation methods, such as impact evaluation, and demands that plans for ongoing evaluation of each programme shall become obligatory. Therefore, a proper toolkit of evaluation methods is crucial for current and coming activities in EU Funds management.

At advanced seminar participants will receive a toolkit of different evaluation methods and learn how to implement them in practice.

With special focus on:
• Evaluation 2014-2020
o Ex-ante, Ongoing and Ex-post Evaluation Requirements
o New Logical Framework
o Measurable Goals and Quality Indicators
o Evidence Based Preparation of Cohesion Policy 2014-2020
o Setting up an Evaluation Plan for the New Programming Period
• Evaluation Criteria and Evaluation Questions
• Advanced Counterfactual Impact Evaluation
• How to Collect Data and Measure Impacts

All details regarding the programme and the speakers as well as the registration formalities are available here:

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