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IT Security for Mobile Devices in the Public Sector

Von European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law

IT, New Media & Software
13.06.2013 - 14.06.2013
DE-10117 Berlin
Portable devices bring serious risks to data security not only for private users but even more in the public sector. Working efficiently without portable communication devices such as smart phones, laptops or tablets is hardly imaginable nowadays. However, their use holds meaningful risks to data and IT security and reports of new cyber attacks and leaks are published in the media on a regular basis.

IT Managers in public institutions have to find the proper balance between enabling modern and efficient work methods on the one hand, and the protection of vital and sensitive data on the other hand.

Participants at this very practical workshop will have the rare chance to participate in interactive sessions and to learn from leading European experts in the field of IT security for energy infrastructures:

• Zafrul Sattar, Head of IT Security, Competition Commission, United Kingdom
• Adrian Boylan, Head of Information and Communications Technology, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, United Kingdom
• Thomas Kemmerich, IT Technology Centre, Audit Team Leader ISO 27001, University of Bremen, Germany

Topics among others will be:

• What are the specific risks when using different types of portable devices
• How to establish an effective Information Security Management System for mobile devices
• How to decide whether BYOD is a feasible solution for your public institution or not
• How to design an effective IT risk analysis for the use of portable devices
• How to react in case of a breach in mobile security
• What should a comprehensive emergency management plan include
• What security and legal aspects do public institutions have to consider for using cloud computing services

Further information and the registration form are available in the seminar programme: http://www.euroacad.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/dateien/seminars/IT_Security_for_Mobile_Devices_in_the_Public_Sector_PR.pdf

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