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Practical Toolbox for EU Funds Project Managers

Von European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law

Finanzdienstleister & Versicherungsvermittler
26.08.2013 - 28.08.2013
DE-10785 Berlin
Project Managers dealing with EU-funded projects face several challenging management tasks. Their work refers to different aspects and phases of project management which require a high level of expertise as well as the proper use of practical management tools.

The European Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law in Berlin invites project managers and public staff, responsible for EU funded projects, to an intensive 3-day-training in Berlin to gain an extensive set of practical instruments for their daily work. The programme of the training is designed to enable participants to maximise their learning profit. Intensive workshops in the afternoon will follow up the methods learned during the morning sessions.

- Proper Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Value Analysis (VA) including financial and economic analyses are the backbone of successful project appraisals. At Day 1 participants will deal with CBA and VA which will give them a basis to decide whether to go ahead or to stop with an EU project. In addition, these tools enable project managers to put projects on a sound financial basis and to avoid immense risks.

- Advanced project management relies on elaborated methods such as Results Based Management (RBM), Advanced Project Cycle Management (PCM) and Outcome Mapping. Participants will learn to apply these tools during Day 2 of the training.

- In order to successful finalise current projects and programmes as well as to prepare for the new intervention logic of 2014-2020 a sound knowledge of project evaluation techniques is essential. At Day 3 participants will learn more about new requirements such as ex-ante evaluation and the impact evaluation method, how to set the right indicators to achieve programme goals and how to elaborate an evaluation plan.

Please find more details about the programme and the lecturers as well as the registration form for the course in the event brochure: http://www.euroakad.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/dateien/seminars/Practical_Toolbox_for_EU_Funds_Project_Managers_PR.pdf

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