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Energy Projects 2014-2020: Priority Setting and Financing in the New EU Funds Programming Period

Von European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law

Managing Authorities of Structural and Cohesion Funds are currently designing their operational programmes for the upcoming period of 2014-2020. Projects in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energies and CO2 reduction will have a special focus due to their importance in reaching the Europe 2020 goals. When planning the right energy priorities throughout the next seven years, authorities have to accommodate several changes in the management and control systems of EU Funds. Besides the changing categorisation of regions, new regulations such as the possibility of using multi-funds financing, already existing and new financial instruments and the focusing on fewer priorities have to be accommodated. New EU funding opportunities are available for energy projects – but how to use them in a sustainable way?

Leading European and national experts such as:
• Head of Western and Southern Europe, JESSICA, European Investment Bank
• Principal Adviser to the Director General, DG Energy, European Commission
• State Aid Case Support Unit, DG Competition, European Commission (tbc)

Will put their share their knowledge and put a clear focus on:
• Incorporating energy priorities into EU Funds Operational Programmes
• New State aid guidelines for energy and environment
• Using multi funds financing correctly
• Structuring revolving financing schemes

Please find all details regarding the programme and the registration formalities in the event brochure: http://www.euroakad.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/dateien/seminars/Energy_Projects_2014-2020_Priority_Setting_and_Financing_in_the_New_EU_Funds_Programming_Period_PR.pdf
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