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Improving Public Sector Budgets in Practice

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European Seminar, 18th – 19th February 2013, Berlin, Germany

Strategic Planning, Programme Budgeting, Performance Measurement

From input to output budgeting: In current times of tight public budgets, governments and public authorities at all levels are under pressure of wide ranging structural budgetary reforms. A more efficient budgeting and performance as well as result oriented use of public money is an imperative on the agenda.

At the same time the new approach more often than not breaks away from the usual patterns – the responsible experts have to face the new challenge of implementation of innovative methods and techniques or preparation of programme strategies, objectives and indicators. At the same time they are in charge to give explanation to other administration units why and how they should deal with the performance based reorientation and the new design of public expenditure management. The confrontation with the new approach based on outcome requires both: deep knowledge of procedures, regulations and implementation methods as well as profound communication and management skills.

At this seminar you will learn from our European experts from the:

• General Finance Inspectorate, Luxembourg
• Danish Agency for Governmental Management, Ministry of Finance, Denmark
• State General Accounting Office, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Italy
• Directorate for Budget and Financial Services, European Parliament
• Programming and Evaluation Support Unit, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
how to:
• define strategic objectives and what characteristics should each objective have
• define the most suitable performance indicators and performance criteria
• to guarantee the usefulness of indicators
• to ensure objective-based steering and management
• to deal with practical aspects and challenges in the work of performance auditors
• to define and select the most relevant performance audit topics
• to plan, prepare and organise budget improvements

All details about the speakers, the programme as well as the registration formalities are available in the Improving Public Sector Budgets in Practice seminar brochure:

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