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Berlin, 7 September 2015 –, Europe’s leading cross-device technology provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Webtrekk, a provider of digital intelligence solutions, headquartered in Berlin with offices in China, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the USA. 

The collaboration leverages probabilistic matching capabilities to enrich the digital intelligence solutions from Webtrekk, including the Webtrekk Digital Intelligence Suite.

On a user basis, this allows improved cross-device attribution modelling and customer journey analyses, and will benefit clients of both and Webtrekk.

“This partnership is an important step for enabling advertisers and agencies to better understand the customer journey across all devices,” says co-founder Richy Ugwu. “Combining our cross-device capabilities with the market leader in digital intelligence solutions will generate real, measurable added value for our clients.”

This partnership highlights Webtrekk’s strong focus on setting benchmarks in the industry and providing cutting-edge digital intelligence solutions. The benefit for advertisers and agencies is to enrich Webtrekk’s user-centric profiles and conversion probability predictions by facilitating automate marketing to additional devices that have been identified by 

“Partnering with further increases our edge in transforming traditional analytics into actionable, user-centric data,” says Webtrekk CTO Norman Wahnschaff. “’s probabilistic approach is definitely enhancing Webtrekk’s own cross-device user recognition.”’s cross-device, user recognition technology combines deterministic and probabilistic approaches to create the Marketing Graph. Data protection-compliant identifiers are created to bridge the gap between different devices and communication channels. The technology analyses more than 500 data points per device to accurately determine which devices belong to a specific person or household. 


Für den Inhalt der Pressemitteilung ist der Einsteller, Richy Ugwu (Tel.: +491733963228), verantwortlich.

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