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hyperMILL® 2011 with innovative technologies

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OPEN MIND Technologies AG has released hyperMILL® 2011. The new version is ready for immediate download. New automated functions and innovative technologies in hyperMILL® helps to reduce machining costs and times. The new features include intelligent...

Weßling, 10.10.2011 - OPEN MIND Technologies AG has released hyperMILL® 2011. The new version is ready for immediate download. New automated functions and innovative technologies in hyperMILL® helps to reduce machining costs and times. The new features include intelligent macros, 64-bit support, Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Customised Process Features (CPF). New strategies such as 5axis shape offset roughing and finishing are allowing an even more efficient programming.

hyperMILL® is a modern programming environment offering forward-looking solutions for 2D, 3D, HSC and 5axis simultaneous machining. Users can draw from a wide range of functions for optimised processes, time-saving, comfortable workflows and thus efficient machining.

New strategies and optimisation functions are available in 2D machining as well as 5axis simultaneous milling and turning. General functions, such as enhanced stock definition and rest material display, or the job-list-based adaptation of tool paths, simplify daily work. Highlights like intelligent macros, new 5axis shape offset machining and the hyperMILL® API offer several new ways to program and manufacture more efficiently.

Automation based on intelligent macros, API and CPF

hyperMILL® can organize even highly complex machining steps with predefined rules and conditions using intelligent macros. These powerful macros quickly generate complete, process-optimised program parts while also considering the model, materials, cutters and other parameters.

Application programming interfaces are also well suited to automating recurring processes. APIs are therefore used to create applications that control the generation of machining programs. Due to modern .NET-technology all established programming languages like Visual Basic, C# or C++ can be used with the hyperMILL® API.

The Customised Process Features enable companies to define individual corporate standards for automated programming by linking characteristic geometry sequences with freely definable machining steps. The automatic selection script helps users to choose any combination of criteria with limited or no selections on the part model.

5axis shape offset roughing and finishing

Surfaces with uniform offset can now be machined using 5axis milling while avoiding the formation of steps. The new machining strategy in hyperMILL® simply turns the arched surface into the standard surface, allowing the tool to work normal to the surface. The ultimate process then produces results that are like a "curved Z-level" roughing or finish, and efficiently machines the surface with little remaining rest material.

As the tool is placed normal to the hub surface, there are hardly any undercuts. The tool angle is calculated for machining either from the hub surfaces of the model or from an externally-designed guide surface.

The tool paths calculated on the basis of this strategy ensure optimal results, for example, in connection with rounded inner corners and automated approach and retract macros in finishing work.

64-bit support for further time savings

64-bit support means that users have more memory at their disposal. This is especially useful when programming large parts, and on computers with multiple processing cores.

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