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Aerohive Networks Introduces 'Branch on Demand? Cloud-Enabled Branch Networking Solution at a Breakthrough Price Point

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Solution Redefines Enterprise Branch Office Networking by Delivering 'Headquarters-like? Secure Wired/Wireless Networks as a Zero-touch, On-Demand Service

? Aerohive Networks, the pioneer in cloud-enabled enterprise networking infrastructure, today announced Aerohive?s Branch on Demand? - a Network-as-a-Service solution purpose-built for small branches and teleworkers. Ideal for mid-market and commercial...

Sunnyvale, Calif., 15.11.2011 - ? Aerohive Networks, the pioneer in cloud-enabled enterprise networking infrastructure, today announced Aerohive?s Branch on Demand? - a Network-as-a-Service solution purpose-built for small branches and teleworkers. Ideal for mid-market and commercial enterprises with highly distributed employees, Branch on Demand is the first branch office solution to offer wired/wireless access, performance and security management, as well as routing and VPN as an on-demand service starting at 84,00? International list per branch per year.

Additionally, Aerohive is announcing partnerships with leading cloud-based security vendors Websense and Barracuda Networks. Using Aerohive?s Cloud Services Platform and patent-pending Cloud Proxy technology, Aerohive fully integrates cloud-based partner solutions to provide advanced L4-7 security services to even the smallest of branch offices or teleworkers.

News Facts

Aerohive is broadening its enterprise networking portfolio

?Capitalizing on our networking roots to expand the product line to support branch routing and layer 3 IPsec VPN with the same cooperative control, inherent resiliency, and cloud-enabled management that are the fundamental building blocks of Aerohive products.

Aerohive?s Branch on Demand Solution removes location from the equation

?Headquarters-like secure wired/wireless networking at a breakthrough price and available at any location from branch offices to teleworker homes to temporary environments.

?Cloud and mobility have made the classic branch architecture obsolete, and as a result traditional branch solutions can?t deliver the security and agility required by today?s enterprises.

?Remote outposts or isolated contractors, small branches and teleworkers are the engines of commerce and the face of major brands across all industries. These employees require the same enterprise network experience they would receive at headquarters, including performance, security, and L2-L7 corporate policy enforcement.

?Optional 3G/4G modem support instantly extends the enterprise network to where it is needed ? customer sites, temporary offices and hotels.

Aerohive?s Branch on Demand solution reduces both CapEx and OpEx

?Is purpose-built for highly distributed commercial enterprises.

?Leverages cloud-enabled management to provide unified wired and wireless policy, automated provisioning with IP Address Management, and centralized visibility.

?Can be bought outright or as an annual subscription.

?Starts at 84,00? International list yearly subscription per office including management, support, and even hardware refreshes.

Unified Wired/Wireless Policy Enforcement

?Aerohive?s Cloud Services Platform allows an administrator to create a policy based on identity and device type that is applied to access points and routers alike, and network settings, security permissions, and network-based mobile device management is consistent regardless of how the user accesses the network.

Components of Aerohive?s 'Branch on Demand? Solution

?Hive Router BR100 has five Fast Ethernet ports, 2.4Ghz 11n Wi-Fi, and USB supporting 3G/4G backhaul.

?Hive Router BR200 has five Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual-band 3x3:3 11n WiFi, USB for 3G/4G backhaul, two ports PoE PSE (supports up to 15.4W), and crypto acceleration.

?HiveOS 5.0 enhances our HiveAP 330 and 350 to support branch router functionality, including 3G/4G backhaul for primary or backup WAN connectivity.

?Cloud VPN Gateway (CVG) is a software-based VPN tunnel terminator for VMware virtual server environments which dramatically reduces large-scale IPsec VPN provisioning and deployment complexity and scales based on server hardware configuration

?HiveManager 5.0 and the Cloud Services Platform radically Simpli-Fi the complexity in provisioning, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting a large-scale remote office deployment by providing cloud-enabled, centralized management and visibility to even the smallest offices.

?Cloud Web Security Partnerships with Websense and Barracuda Networks enable the Aerohive Cloud Services Platform and Aerohive?s patent-pending Cloud Proxy technology to provide fully-integrated advanced L4-7 security services to Branch on Demand deployments

Pricing and Availability

?The BR100, Cloud VPN Gateway and HiveOS/HiveManager 5.0 will be available mid Dec. 2011

?The BR100 is available starting at 84,00?/year per office as a Network-as-a-Service subscription. It is also available for purchase.

?The Cloud VPN Gateway is offered as a Network-as-a-Service subscription starting at 375,00? per year, or as a purchasable option.

?HiveOS/HiveManager 5.0 is free of charge with software support to existing customers and will be available for the HiveAP 330/350 as well as the BR100 and CVG.

?The BR200 will be available in early 2012.

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