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Advantech Announces In-Vehicle eCall Ready Solution

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New In-Vehicle PCIe module delivers hybrid cellular and GPS communication for the new European eCall directive in 2015 and other M2M telematics applications

Advantech, a leading embedded platform and services provider, is happy to announce the official release of the industrial grade 3.75G HSPA and standalone GPS combo mini PCIe module ? EWM-C109F6G1E, which is an ideal solution for in-vehicle telematics...

Germering / Munich, 15.04.2013 - Advantech, a leading embedded platform and services provider, is happy to announce the official release of the industrial grade 3.75G HSPA and standalone GPS combo mini PCIe module ? EWM-C109F6G1E, which is an ideal solution for in-vehicle telematics and eCall applications in: emergency services, driving assistance, road charging, fleet management, and motor insurance. The telematics market is expected to explode by 2015 with the introduction of eCall services by European Commission.

Advantech Embedded Cellular and GPS Combo Module is Perfect Fit for eCall Requirements

eCall is a public pan-European emergency service initiative by the European Commission. It is designed to help save lives and increase road safety by promptly alerting emergency services when an accident occurs. It combines mobile communications and satellite positioning to provide rapid assistance to motorists in accidents anywhere in the European Union. The system will automatically make an emergency call if in-vehicle sensors detect an accident. All new cars must be fitted with eCall devices by 2015 to enable rescue services to quickly respond to road collisions.

Advantech is pleased to partner with u-blox, a leading semiconductor provider of embedded positioning and wireless communication solutions to design and deliver an ideal solution to meet this telematics demand.

EWM-C109F6G1E is a full-size miniPCIe card combined with standalone GPS and 3.75G HSPA, and capable of -40 to +85 ° C operation, making it perfect for in-vehicle eCall products.

Key features include:

GPS subsystem: with u-blox hardware standalone industrial grade Max-6 GPS module, providing high reliability and accurate positioning information for in-vehicle eCall devices.

Cellular subsystem: industrial grade 3.75G HSPA cellular module providing an in-band modem to support eCall data transmission over voice channel (a mandatory requirement for eCall).

API / AT commands for managing eCall: the proprietary API/ AT commands are ready to create an MSD (Minimum Set of Data) to manage eCalls.

7-year Availability, Industrial Wide-temp 3.75G HSPA Cellular Module with GPS

In additional to telematics applications, the new EWM-C109F6G1E is also a Cellular and GPS solution for the M2M market featuring:

7-year availability - secures your investment in development and certification

Industrial wide temperature, -40 to +85° C, for best wireless communication stability, reliability and performance

Hardware standalone GPS provides the best accuracy and reliability

Proprietary CellLocate hybrid positioning by combining GPS with cellular networks for indoor positioning

SIM card holder on-board

Global 6-band WCDMA 3.75G suitable for all regions

For more product information and technical support, please contact local sales.

About Embedded Core Service

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