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Auch im Mai und Juni bietet das IT-Research - und Beratungsunternehmen Gartner wieder kostenlose Webinare zu aktuellen Themen an. Unten stehende Veranstaltungen sind für diesen und kommenden Monat geplant. Bitte klicken Sie auf den Link, um sich für das...

Surrey, 22.05.2013 - Auch im Mai und Juni bietet das IT-Research - und Beratungsunternehmen Gartner wieder kostenlose Webinare zu aktuellen Themen an. Unten stehende Veranstaltungen sind für diesen und kommenden Monat geplant. Bitte klicken Sie auf den Link, um sich für das jeweilige Webinar zu registrieren.

Cloud Computing Changes the Vendor Landscape

23 May 2013

Cloud computing is impacting enterprises but it is also poised to reshape the vendor landscape. The competition is heating up among early cloud leaders as established enterprise players enter the market. Cloud computing, a disruptive force of gigantic proportion, stands to change the balance of vendor power in many ways.

Supply Chain Management as a Service: European Models Evolve

29 May 2013

Most European supply chain organizations still prefer to install supply chain management (SCM) software locally or as a hosted service. However, we see gradual adoption of applications delivered alternatively over the Web and available through a pay-as-you-go subscription pricing model more common in the U.S. This model is gaining acceptance due to the attractive combination of functionality and cost-effectiveness. The most recognized of these SCM delivery models is software-as-a-service (SaaS). In this webinar we will analyze the current status of and most common barriers to adoption of SaaS SCM applications.

How Data Is Transforming Marketing

30 May 2013

Marketers are obsessed with data from internal sources such as lead capture, sales systems and website analytics and external sources such as the Web, mobile and social. But you need to know how to distinguish the signal from the noise.

Big Data Best Practices for Midsize Businesses

03 June 2013

In this webinar we discuss how leading organizations have begun their adoption of big data analytic practices and technology adoption. The good news is that there are cloud...

The Apple Effect

04 June 2013

Apple reinvented the smartphone market in 2007 and created the tablet market in 2010. Since then, the 'made in Cupertino' company has been shaping consumer preferences and using...

The Secret Life of the TV - Hidden Trends, Crouching Technologies

04 June 2013

Although the TV may be considered by some to be an unimportant technology and market, it remains one of the highest penetration devices in homes around the world. The TV market...

Best Practices to Build Trust in Your Data Quality and Analytics

05 June 2013

Changes in the types of data being consumed and analytic applications being deployed are driving new and significant data quality challenges. Although the use and capability of...

The Mobile Imperative

05 June 2013

Mobile is becoming a requirement for everything. However, mobile must be integrated into existing approaches not added as a separate parallel universe. IT must leverage...

New Priorities, Technologies and Leaders Shaping the Future of IT

11 June 2013

Technology amplifies the enterprise, giving it new strengths and abilities. IT has concentrated on automating the business and faces a new agenda based on improving the customer...

Innovation and the Nexus Catalyze New Engagement Initiatives

12 June 2013

Innovation is changing our assumptions about technology and how it can impact us. It has changed the nature of consumers as customers, and they are now changing the ways we run...

Designing New Office Workspaces for 2020

12 June 2013

This webinar will focus on new Gartner research on the design of offices and larger facilities, given the changes in technology and work styles expected by 2020. The discussion...

The Future of Analytics: Precise, Transparent, and Decisive

18 June 2013

IT and business leaders are looking to craft new analytic strategies to exploit opportunities to analyze data and transform their organizations business models. These strategies...

18 June 2013

Windows 8 and Its Impact on the PC and Tablet Markets

In 1Q13 the PC market experienced the worst quarterly decline since Gartner started tracking the market. Many players had hoped Windows 8 would reverse the downturn, but so far...

19 June 2013

Best Practices and Realities for Moving Email to the Cloud

Most organizations are contemplating moving email to the cloud. Attracted by low subscription rates and vendor assurances of maturity, moving email to the cloud appears to be an...

Private Cloud in a Can: Good or Bad?

25 June 2013

Private cloud-in-a-can configurations are designed to make the creation of a private cloud simpler by pre-integrating the hardware and software components at the factory...

Mobile Trends and Issues From 2013 to 2016

26 June 2013

The mobile maelstrom shows no signs of calming. In 2013, mobility poses more challenges than ever for CIOs who will struggle with hundreds of new smartphones and tablets, face...

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