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BAP Istanbul presents Megan Olson|Beyond the Chains of Illusion

Von BAP// Istanbul

Opening of Megan Olson's "Behind the chains of Illusion" at BAP Istanbul on January 10th, 2014 from 7 to 9 pm; to be seen until the end of February.

Megan Olson is best known for her sweeping, graceful abstract paintings, the unusual power of which emerges from the use of unusual, thin color layers of organic, complexly interwoven lines.

Her compositions are constructed with flowing, calligraphic elements constantly suspended in a dynamic discourse with the surrounding space. Olson´s fragile forms seem to radiate beyond the borders of the pictures themselves, drawing the viewer in and setting their thoughts to flight, merging space and time into a single, fantastic cosmos.
Olson uses a number of different techniques to achieve this very special effect, from paintbrush and paint to precisely cut stencils and cutting-edge spray paint techniques. There is nothing static or still about this young artist´s work: It never fails to capture the viewer´s undivided attention, stimulate his or her curiosity, and encourage a lively engagement with the painting.
The suspension between abstraction and organic reality owes to Olson´s intensive study of botanical forms, but also alludes to particular art historical influences, from traditional calligraphy to Expressionism and contemporary Graffiti art. The result is an unmistakable color and stylistic idiom with the amazing ability to trigger an almost physical reaction in the viewer.

Born 1971 in Connecticut, USA, Megan Olson took part in the New York Studio Program in 2000 before continuing her studies at The San Francisco Art Institute. The artist lives and works in Berlin.

07. Jan 2014

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Für den Inhalt der Pressemitteilung ist der Einsteller, Herr Tarik Ersin Yoleri (Tel.: + 90 (0) 212 243 8578), verantwortlich.

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