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Extreme Networks Drives Simplicity to the Network Edge

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Alpine 3802 Builds on Proven Alpine Platform to Extend Reach of Ethernet Everywhere®

Continuing to demonstrate its ability to offer the most effective applications infrastructure, Extreme Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR), is delivering to customers simplicity, performance and superb return on investment at the edge of the network with its new AlpineÔ 3802 switch. The Alpine 3802 offers all of the features of the award-winning Alpine 3800 series of Ethernet service provisioning switches in a smaller size, ideal for use within branch offices and the MTU wiring closet.

The Alpine 3802 switch supports a variety of network interfaces providing a convenient and powerful switch for convergence of legacy telco network protocols with high performance Ethernet, the ubiquitous technology of LANs. With a more compact form factor, the 3802 delivers all of the performance required for business applications along with direct support for WAN access.

The Alpine 3802 makes remote configuration and management effortless by acting as a protocol-savvy router, protocol-independent bridge, application-aware switch, Web cache redirector, server load-balancer, and traffic and bandwidth manager. For enterprise customers, this results in a higher performance and a more reliable application service; for service providers, end-to-end Ethernet improves their ability to carry traffic while lowering operating costs.

“The key to network simplicity at the edge is integrating enterprise and service provider networks. The Alpine 3802 ties the two networks together with an Ethernet protocol that is built to support advanced communication applications,” said Dan Riordan, vice president of segment marketing for Extreme Networks. “For CIOs, IT managers and networking professionals, Ethernet provides a consistent platform from the business to the home, and every access point in between, where size and price are top of mind concerns.”

The Alpine 3802 switch will be available in Dec. 2001.

Alpine 3802 in the Enterprise
With the introduction of the Alpine 3802, the Alpine switching series offers Enterprise users a complete solution for high-performance networking. The Alpine 3808, introduced in early 2000, is designed for headquarters use; the Alpine 3804, also available since early 2000, is suited for the wiring closet. The new Alpine 3802 is ideal for branch office WAN and Internet access, as T1/E1 or T3 modules provide local Internet access for enterprise WAN access.

Alpine 3802 for Service Providers

Ø CPE access to Metro Area Network: T1/E1, T3 or Gigabit Ethernet backhaul provides path to Metro point-of-presence; 10/100 or Gigabit Ethernet relay to enterprise LAN

Ø Broadband access for Multi Tenant offices: Ideal footprint for building basement deployment to serve aggregate tenants; T1/E1, T3 or Gigabit Ethernet access over copper for fiber; VDSL modules for in-building voice wiring; 10/100 TX of FX for access over installed CAT-5 or fiber

Ø Broadband access for Fiber to the Home (FTTH): Platform tailored for curbside cabinets to serve aggregate homes; Gigabit Ethernet/WDMi for WAN access to point-of-presence or video head-end; 10/100 FX for access to residential environments

About the Alpine Switch Family
Ethernet Service Provisioning chassis switches are ideally suited for delivering broadband IP services to metropolitan area networks (MANs), service provider data centers, multi-tenant buildings and enterprise wiring closets. The Alpine platform provides total Ethernet coverage with support for both standard Category 5 and fiber optic media as well as first mile technologies that extend the reach of Ethernet over VDSL and legacy WAN technologies.

Alpine switches use an interchangeable set of power supplies, switch modules and management modules. Each switch has its own hot-swappable fan tray, which installs vertically into the front of the chassis. The Alpine 3808 has nine slots, the Alpine 3804 has five slots, and the Alpine 3802 has two slots. Optionally, fully redundant power supplies fit into the front of the Alpine 3808 and into the rear of the Alpine 3804. The first slot of both chassis is used for the Switch Management Module (SMMi), which performs all management functions, manages the switch forwarding database and routing tables, and processes all route protocol updates. The remaining eight, four slots and one slot of the Alpine 3808, 3804 and 3802 are used for switch modules.

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