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News from our development department - Antifog

GXC antifog coatings are very thin, transparent layers which prevent fogging or dewing on transparent materials in the long term. GXC Coatings has developed this proprietary technology, which is patented and constantly upgraded. 

GXC Coatings is an innovative and fast growing high- tech company for functional surface modifications. We develop, produce and manufacture functional coating materials based on nanotechnology and apply these coatings on plastics, glass and metal surfaces. Major functionalities include anti-fog, scratch resistance, hardcoat, easy-to-clean, self-cleaning and anti- fingerprint. 


Our coatings make cars safer, more valuable and energy efficient. Functional GXC surfaces offers customized solutions to preserve vision, transparency, transmission or quality appearance on almost all exterior surfaces of vehicles. Our coatings are used on head- / taillights, windshields, roof modules, displays, mirrors and sensors for driver assistance systems and autonomous driving.   

If it comes to maintain a superior quality look of high gloss surfaces, GXC offers customized solutions and coated components for all common substrates while maintaining relevant industry standards and regulations. GXC paintings are used on interior displays, indicators, gear lever badges, key cabinets, lighting elements, mirrors, dashboard or control and trim elements. Functional surfaces for optical sensors ensure that the sensor functionality remains intact in many different use cases. This applies to autonomous driving, and stationary sensors in the automation technology. The functionality is also kept in the most adverse environmental conditions. GXC solutions for street lighting with selfcleaning effect help municipalities to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.   


GXC Coatings also offers solutions for the following markets: Displays, Medical, Optics, Measurement und Piping.



Our patented antifog coatings are very thin, transparent layers which prevent fogging or dewing on transparent materials in the long term. GXC Coatings has developed this proprietary technology, which is patented and constantly upgraded. GXC scratch-resistant coatings protect high precision plastic components from scratching, yellowing, embrittlement and chemical attack. GXC functionalized components can be self-cleaning or easy-to-clean. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the coatings protect quality or functional components effectively and allow long- term resistance against organic and inorganic soiling.




GXC ́s NuGlass® coatings include innovative ideas and development know-how out of our R&D department. Our development laboratories dispose of all formulation and synthesizing equipment for the production of chemical building blocks that are required for the production of our functional coatings. This is ensured by upscaling expertise into industrial manufacturing capacity. GXC has developed cost- effective and reliable coating processes with a high degree of automation.The goal is to manufacture thin functional surfaces with high long-term stability without substantially affecting the basic properties of the original surface. 



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