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‘Video Stamper’ App to Add Text and Timestamp to Videos is Available Now!

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Add Text to Video

27th November 2018, SURAT, INDIA: 'Greencom Ebizzinfotech', a prominent IT association of Surat, well-known for creating interesting Android applications and surprise their users by giving astonishing highlights in each application refresh! As of late, they have incorporated another factor in 'Video Stamper' application called 'Watermark Logo'.

The "Video Stamper" application is for those users who need to re-edit their video for their pre-shot video. Beforehand there were three highlights "Date and Timestamp", "Mark stamp", "GPS Stamp". Yet, now they have built up the new intriguing factor" Watermark Logo" on the demand of their customers. This component resembles "Cherry on the Cake".

Examine the NEWLY UPDATED FEATURES of this application:-
1. Open Video choice from Gallery


2. The user can include 4 Stamps at a time.
3.Custom or Original choice for Date and Timestamp.
4." ON/OFF" flip for 4 unique stamps according to the prerequisite.
5."Watermark Logo" alternative where the user can include their own logo from Phone Gallery.
6." Signature Stamp" to add content to the video.
7. Different "Font Formats" and position to set 'Stamp Position, Stamp Color, and Date Format'.
8. Alternative to using "Current Date and Time Stamp" and "GPS Location Stamp".
9. To wrap things up, User can see their modified stamp before adding to the videos!

This "Video Stamper: Add Logo, Timestamp, and Text on Video" application is easy-to-use and has an extremely basic User Interface that any sort of user can use. They can essentially open the application, modify the stamps they need, review the stamp, lastly add the stamps to their saved clip. Recordings are captured by everybody nowadays irrespective of your field. Thus, this astonishing video stepping application can be used by anybody to edit their recordings and make them considerably more appealing.

Mr. Suresh Kalathiya, CEO of Greencom Ebizzinfotech trusts that "By satisfying the wants of users for whom you are creating makes presumably the incomparable Success in their items!

Summing it up the features of VideoStamper, and without stretching, if you are scanning for video stepping applications here is the best approach.

Für den Inhalt der Pressemitteilung ist der Einsteller, Karishma Boghawala (Tel.: 08758955189), verantwortlich.

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