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MES provider iTAC introduces new IIoT concept and analytics solution

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Combining production data correctly to achieve added value with iTAC.Manufacturing.Analytics

iTAC Software AG (www.itacsoftware.de) specializes in MES and IIoT solutions for transparent, automated production. The company has now developed a new IIoT concept based on Dürr Group know-how and ADAMOS tools. Among other things, the new iTAC.Manufacturing.Analytics...

Montabaur, 25.04.2019 (PresseBox) - iTAC Software AG (www.itacsoftware.de) specializes in MES and IIoT solutions for transparent, automated production. The company has now developed a new IIoT concept based on Dürr Group know-how and ADAMOS tools. Among other things, the new iTAC.Manufacturing.Analytics solution is incorporated into the IIoT strategy. This enables automatic interventions for error prevention, optimized maintenance planning and much more.

iTAC has made a name for itself with the Manufacturing Execution System iTAC.MES.Suite, which has been established on the market for many years, and the associated IIoT solutions. The new IIoT concept from iTAC combines the automation and digitalization competencies of the Dürr Group. These include Dürr as a machine and plant manufacturer, iTAC as a global MES provider and ADAMOS as an IIoT platform provider. The result is a configurable overall solution for networking, automation and analysis of production processes.

Added value through MES- and IIoT-based data

The solution includes the new iTAC.Manufacturing.Analytics, a system for optimized and automated root cause analysis and intelligent maintenance planning. In combination with the IIoT platform from ADAMOS and Dürr software, integrated data analytics and predictive maintenance scenarios can be implemented.

To do this, the following data from machines in the production line are collected and merged in one gateway: structured data from the iTAC.MES.Suite, unstructured IIoT data (from sensors) and data input from operators (user interfaces, APPs, tablets). The gateway forwards the data to analysis processes and big data memories via message brokers such as Kafka. This provides the basis for monitoring process behaviour and product anomalies, for condition-based and predictive maintenance, and for process stabilization and optimization. The sensor data, alarms and process status can also be visualized on a dashboard.

A use case in the environment of wave soldering monitoring shows that the solution can intervene in processes at an early stage before soldering problems occur. This results in a significant increase in quality and efficiency.

The iTAC.MES.Suite applications are now available as modern HTML5 clients. The new HTML5 applications are based on open web standards and can be used without additional plug-ins. The applications of the iTAC.MES.Suite are combined in a uniform frame work (iTAC.Workbench) and contain intelligent functionalities for operating, monitoring and parameterizing.

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