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U.S. Real Estate Ranking 2022

Von RealRate GmbH

The new Real Estate ratings for 2022 have just been released by RealRate.



Press Release

U.S. Real Estate Ranking 2022

The new Real Estate ratings for 2022 have just been released by RealRate.

These are the top three US real estate companies with best financial health, measured by Economic Capital Ratio:

  1. DIVALL INSURED – 405%
  3. TIAA REAL ESTATE - 225%

The complete rating of 32 insurers is published in https://realrate.ai/rankings/


Divall Insured, who were founded in 1987, come top this year, followed by another long standing member of the real estate industry, Comstock Holding, who were founded just after in 1985. TIAA Real Estate in 3rd are a comparably new member of the scene, being founded in 1995. In 2021, Comstock have slipped one place and but Divall have leapt 2 places into top spot.


CEO Dr. Holger Bartel: "The US Real Estate industry is a very important one for millions of customers but it’s lacking a fair and complete competitive analysis. With the 2022 rating we're closing this gap, providing customers and investors with an unprecedented ranking. We show which companies have best financial health and will be able to provide best services and most innovative products.

The U.S. Real Estate industry is a $3.69 trillion industry and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% from 2022 to 2030. The industry is rebounding very well following the Covid pandemic. Also, the internet has increased customers’ knowledge and awareness of online real estate services, thus driving the industry forwards and upwards.”


About RealRate:

RealRate is an international rating agency based in Santa Clara and Berlin, founded in 2021. Using cutting edge explainable Artificial Intelligence, we provide fair company ratings avoiding any conflict of interest. Combing AI and expert knowledge, financial strength is evaluated based on the published annual reports. RealRate provides rankings for dozens of industries, like insurance, IT, real estate, food and pharma. Just the best rated companies are awarded with the RealRate seal of approval.




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