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Exact Administrators Club!

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We would like to invite your and your colleagues participation in the Internet resource dedicated to the Exact Globe implementation and running issues. The resource called Exact Administrators Club can be found at HTTP://WWW.CCPENGINEERING.RU and provides a number of free services to Exact Globe administrators and users.

In particular, Exact Administrators Club makes currently available the following services:

- Forum: answers to the questions about Exact Globe and related issues
- Chat: possibility do discuss in real time a problem with other Exact Globe experts
- Library: interesting materials compiled by Exact Globe experts
- Internet Links: links to Internet resources related to Exact Globe

Exact Administrators Club was founded in 2001 by CCP Engineering (USA) with the purpose of maintenance of a non-commercial community of Exact Globe users and creation of an alternative path to the solutions of daily and strategic problems.

We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues in Exact Administrators Club!

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