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Trillium Software Named as Leader in MetaSpectrum Data Quality Tools Report

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Recognized for Leadership in Market, Extensive Technical Capabilities and International Expertise

Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYS:HHS), today announced that META Group (Nasdaq: METG), a leading research and consulting firm that focuses on information technology (IT) and business transformation strategies, has named Trillium Software as a leader in data quality software in the recently published METAspectrum(SM) report on data quality tools. The METAspectrum report recognizes and gives credibility to the growing importance of and need for data quality technology and processes.

According to META Group, Trillium Software place high in requirements within a number of core evaluation areas including; a deep understanding of the market and vision for where it is headed; technical capabilities, especially surrounding international needs with extensive availability of solutions and local understanding (noted as a key competitive differentiator); and for experienced personnel who fuel the success of skill development and training among users. The report also highlights the company's ability to execute and react to the market, as well as overall financial viability.

A total of eight data quality vendors were evaluated on a variety of criteria including vision/strategy, market awareness, financial viability, partner relationships, geographic coverage, and overall technology strength. META Group cites a data quality leader as "a vendor who has mature products with depth and breadth of data matching and cleansing business rules, as well as a wide range of international abilities and demonstrated integration with other major business applications such as SAP and Siebel."

"This report validates our status as a market leader," said Len Dubois, vice president of marketing for Trillium Software. "Historically, data quality has been perceived as simple address verification, or included as an afterthought to other applications. Yet today, business data is more complex, and may include customer or product data with more than a hundred elements - all of which the Trillium Software System® can address. As organizations realize the potential of data quality as an integral part of their business and technology strategy, they need to partner with a provider who delivers not only strong technical capabilities, but also a keen understanding of their business needs."

The METAspectrum report also finds that data quality vendors likely will stand independent of other data integration, compliance and e-commerce solutions for the foreseeable future and buyers will continue to lean toward market leaders as they invest in data quality solutions. META Group recommends buyers should not focus solely on cleansing or accuracy performance, but rather investigate other key capabilities of data quality offerings such as data enrichment, data profiling, compliance, non-customer data and international name and address abilities.

"META Group recognizes the growing interest in enterprise data quality solutions and the need for organizations to be familiar with current market leaders," said Kevin Waddle, senior research analyst, META Group. "The Data Quality Tools METAspectrum represents comprehensive research on the data quality market and is a valuable tool for users seeking detailed insight into the market's leading vendors and technologies."

About METAspectrum
METAspectrum evaluations from META Group (Nasdaq: METG) provide IT professionals with a view into critical market success factors and vendor positioning. METAspectrum delivers comprehensive evaluations of both technology markets and vendor product offerings. There are multiple market evaluations planned for release in 2003 and beyond. METAspectrum evaluations are updated quarterly, biannually, or annually, depending on the characteristics of individual markets. To view completed market evaluations, or learn more about the METAspectrum methodology, visit METAspectrum.

METAspectrum market evaluations and results are the sole property of META Group, Inc. and are Copyright © 2002 META Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Permission to use the results requires prior written approval from META Group, and should not be deemed an endorsement of any company or product.

About Trillium Software and Harte-Hanks
With more than 1,300 implementations worldwide, Trillium Software(TM) from Harte-Hanks provides businesses with a software solution that identifies, standardizes, enhances and links global data in e-business, customer relationship management, and Internet applications. Recent sales of the Trillium Software System to a number of the world's largest and most technologically advanced companies have positioned Trillium Software at the top of the data quality marketplace. The Trillium Software System is deployed globally in hundreds of mission-critical applications in which Trillium Software technology enables global organizations to gain a unified view of customers, distributors and partners through real-time connectivity with their e-commerce pipelines. For more information about the Trillium Software System visit Trillium Software online at or call (978) 436-8900.

Harte-Hanks, Inc., San Antonio, TX, is a worldwide, direct and targeted marketing company that provides direct marketing services and shopper advertising opportunities to a wide range of local, regional, national and international consumer and business-to-business marketers. Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing improves the return on its clients' marketing investment with a range of services organized around five solution points: Construct and update the database -- Access the data -- Analyze the data -- Apply the knowledge -- Execute the programs. Experts at each element within this process, Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing is highly skilled at tailoring solutions for each of the vertical markets it serves. Harte-Hanks Shoppers is North America's largest owner, operator and distributor of shopper publications, with shoppers that are zoned into more than 800 separate editions reaching more than 10 million households in California and Florida each week. Visit the Harte-Hanks Web site at or, in the United States, call (800) 456-9748.

METAspectrum Disclaimer

Copyright © 2003 META Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce this research has been granted by META Group, Inc. Any further reproduction or redistribution of this research in any form without prior written approval is prohibited. METAspectrum is META Group's independent evaluation of a technology market, representing marketplace characteristics at a given time and are subject to change without notice. META Group's permission to reproduce this evaluation should not be deemed to be an endorsement of any company or product. META Group research is intended to be one of many information sources and decision-makers should not rely solely on the METAspectrum evaluation for making solution choices. META Group expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to fitness of this research for a particular purpose or merchantability.

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