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Demos GmbH | 28.10.2017

Professional Meetings in English

07.11.2013 - 08.11.2013
DE- München

Planning and conducting meetings in English is not just translating German meetings. From the calling of the meeting to the creation of an agenda and conducting the actual meeting, the way meetings are conducted in English differs from the way German meetings are held. Being polite in English is key to being successful in international meetings and sometimes non-native speakers are either too direct or use words that offend others, without ever having this intention. In this two-day intensive course, we will train the proper way to agree, disagree, make up an agenda, call a meeting and discuss controversial issues in English in a polite and effective manner to achieve a win-win situation with international partners.

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By the end of this practical two-day course, you will be able to:

> Create effective agendas in English

> Plan ways to keep meetings on track and to the point

> Effectively agree, disagree, criticize, and make proposals in polite English

> Successfully chair a meeting

> Understand cross-cultural differences in meeting styles

> Improve English vocabulary related to organizing, conducting, and chairing meetings


Managers who attend meetings in English and wish to improve their English communication skills by intensively focusing on the aspect of meetings are invited.


We will focus on the key strategies in planning and conducting meetings in English while learning effective vocabulary to achieve results in an international environment. The course will consist of intensive training in vocabulary, listening, and active discussion in role-play meeting situations. Because all of the information and practice meetings will be in English, you will not only be able to practice your English, but also be able to learn some useful English vocabulary necessary for professional meetings. Furthermore, you will become aware of important intercultural aspects to be considered and respected when conducting meetings with international partners.


Defining types of meetings

The Agenda: Understanding the importance of an agenda and cultural differences in agendas

Effective vocabulary for meetings in English

Agreeing, disagreeing, proposing, suggesting, and criticizing in English

Understanding intercultural differences in meetings

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