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Telephone Training in English

Von Demos GmbH

DE- Frankfurt
Have you ever noticed that talking on the phone in English is much more difficult than speaking to people in person' The reason for this is simple: On the phone you have no eye contact with the other person. Added to this is the difficulty of communicating in a foreign language - finding the right words at the right time and understanding the phrases of your conversation partner the way they were meant. This one-day intensive training course will focus entirely on telephoning skills in English. It is designed for people who already use English on a frequent basis, but would like to improve both their English language skills and effective telephoning techniques.

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By the end of this practical one-day course, you will be able to:

> Make and receive telephone calls in English with confidence and professionalism

> Effectively make a complaint over the telephone

> Leave messages on answering machines that sound professional and not nervous

> Better cope with native speakers who speak quickly and slur their words.


Anyone in international business relationships who feels that their English on the telephone could use some professional training.


We will work on the appropriate language and style for various telephone conversations in English. These will be practiced in interactive role play situations. Because all of the information will be in English, you will not only be able to practice your English, but also be able to learn some useful English vocabulary necessary for professional telephoning. The course will be lively and productive and you will get a chance to hear yourself recorded to better assess your own strengths and weaknesses on the telephone. Furthermore, you will become aware of important intercultural aspects to be considered and respected when telephoning with international partners.


Making a telephone call to a customer/client/partner

Receiving telephone calls from native speakers

Understanding telephone calls from people with less English skills than our own

Booking travel arrangements

Dealing with voice mail

Complaining/criticizing over the phone

Preis: 690€
Eingestellt am: 20.03.2021 von: Demos GmbH.